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Direct Mail and Data Handling

Red Media specializes in Direct Mail campaigns, offering a comprehensive fulfilment service with infinite capacity.

We can develop direct mail campaigns for anything, from product launches to information mailings and cross-selling.

With a reputation for speed, efficiency and attention to detail, we handle all types of mailing from single sheets to secure items, alongside complex mailings with multiple inserts.

We offer data processing, envelope enclosing, poly-wrapping and mailing.

With innovative, custom-made quality products and decades of experience, our direct mail service offers a quality solution to deliver a successful campaign that gets the response you need.

We will work to your deadlines offering you the best value postage costs on all sized items.

Red Media take the time to understand your business, your strategy and your objectives. By using this information we can then recommend the best direct marketing vehicle to suit your specific requirements.

Database Work

Database development is a long-term process which requires a reliable expert. It is vital that from the initial requirements analysis through to the technical support that you have an experienced database professional. The effectiveness with which your company uses and stores its information is a key metric for success.

Data Purchase

Red Media provide databases for UK businesses looking for direct marketing data for a UK business database, email marketing and direct mail. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of all methods of direct marketing and the data industry; this ensures that you as a business can maximize the opportunities within your marketplace using business-to-business and consumer data. 

Targeted Door Drops

Leaflet distribution is the foremost marketing strategy in today's market place, employed by both the private and public sector to great effect.

What better way to ensure that your message reaches the homes and hearts of your target market than by landing your publication directly onto their doormats?

Case studies

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Red Media have supplied us with a comprehensive range of products and solutions for our complex wheelie bin requirements; these are delivered on time and are very competitively priced.

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