Our Work

Qualter Hall

Qualter Hall has a large payroll department and wanted to move away from the 3 part inserted mailers and the dated software that ran them, so Red Media suggested the Pressure Seal Option.

We arranged a demonstration on site with the payroll section, so they could see how it all worked and learnt how to operate it themselves.

Very quickly they decided it was the way forward for them and placed an order for the machine along with a maintenance contract.

Red Media then proofed and printed a bespoke A4 payslip for use with the machine. 

When the payslips are printed with the employee payroll information, the sheets are then put through the Pressure Seal Machine, to be folded and heat sealed for security. 

Now when the slips are handed out on the shop floor, there are no issue of any slips accidentally opening if dropped.  They are totally secure.