Our Work

Bar Biccari

When Red Media started to manage Bar Biccarri’s website, we noticed that they already had a following on Facebook and investigated whether the restaurant was already aware of it.

The Page seemed to have been created by Facebook Users, mostly likely by them ‘Checking in’. 

We found that the restaurant already had 41 ‘Likes’, 6 ‘talking about’ and 253 said they ‘were there’, they had also received 2 ‘recommendations’.  All without doing anything!

Red Media advised Bar Biccari of the benefits of taking ownership of the Page, enabling them to communicate and grow their existing Facebook audience, promote the restaurant and events, as well as monitor what was being said - especially in case of negative feedback.  We also advised that this medium could provide statistics that no offline mediums can – i.e. Age groups of Page users.

Red Media assisted the Restaurant to go through the process of gaining control of the Page and the management of future posts.  The page now has over 118 likes.