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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Red Media are collaborating with the YSP to provide four Networking Events with business peers throughout 2015. Working with this exclusive venue is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the surroundings and network with local businesses.  This is an exciting prospect for Red Media in 2015.

Utilitrack Energy Savings  Utilitrack logo

Red Media works with Utilitrack to assist our customers with Energy Saving.

Working closely with Utilitrack we can suggest clients that would greatly benefit from specialist advice from the Energy Broker we recommend.

Free assessments can be carried on site without obligation - Why don't you request a specialist to call to ensure you are getting the best possible deal available to you and your business?

Oval Insurance  Oval Logo 103x50

Red Media recommends award winning Oval Insurance to our clients.

Oval Insurance invest in relationships with clients and work to understand your business and risk needs.

Contact Red Media for our advice on who best to speak with.

Case studies

Red Media Screen Marketing has been instrumental in helping us to promote our events via local fitness centres. This has worked particularly well for our sporting challenges an excellent way to reach our target market.

Wakefield Hospice